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Hudson’s 13th Birthday

Hudson turned 13 today — he’s now a teenager! We had his pick of Jimmy John’s sandwiches (he really wanted Jersey Mike’s but they’re not close by) for lunch and Ramen for dinner. Havana made him a chocolate Among Us cake. His friends Bowie and Eli came over to play video games all day spend night, which seems like almost a normal day for him, but it felt special to him.

Hudson was born at 12:05am which reminds me how glad I was he was born on the 25th instead of the 24th because of who he shares a birthday with.

Hudson’s 12th birthday.

H1 & H2 are fully vaccinated!

Havana and Hudson got their 2nd vaccine shot today. They were scheduled to get it yesterday at the Amazon SuperVax site, where they got their 1st shot, but Optimism was selected to be a Seattle Fire Department pop-up vaccine site today so we went there today instead. The kids met the Mayor, Jenny Durkan, who visited for a photo op and TV interviews. Gay was also interviewed by KOMO so she may be on local TV tonight.

Our family is 80% vaccinated, which is herd immunity for our house and even better than Washington State’s current 69% vaccination rate, which is leading the the country in vaccines! Seattle is expected to be the first city in the country to reach 70% vaccinations. That means that the entire state is about to fully re-open earlier than the planned June 30 date! I’m very proud of the kids, the brewery’s role in vaccinating Seattle, our progressive state and city. Update June 9: Seattle did become the first city to vaccinate 70% of residents.

Mayor Durkan at Optimism

And if the day wasn’t great enough, while I was there I saw our newest 10 bourbon barrels that were just delivered and these are from none other than Maker’s Mark, my favorite bourbon distillery.

Havana & Hudson’s first day of school

It’s been over a year since schools were closed and today Havana and Hudson went back to school for the first time. They couldn’t go immediately after Spring Break because they had to quarantine and get tested for a week before returning. Havana only gets a couple months being the oldest class in 8th grade before moving on to high school next year. Havana’s school is just a few blocks away so she can walk but Hudson has to be driven and then he takes the city bus home in the afternoon.

It’s great that they get to go back and start to return to normalcy, but they’re both in classes of only 2-3 people and it’s only for a few hours for just two days a week. It’s pretty dumb of Seattle Public Schools because it doesn’t help parents who have to go to work — there’s no school bus service so if the kids can’t walk, they have to either be driven or take city busses, so it’s more of a burden on the people who really need to get their kids to school so they just don’t send them. We have to also answer a Covid questionnaire every morning verifying that they don’t have symptoms.

Hudson mowing the lawn

I finally got one of the kids to mow our lawn. I have always enjoyed mowing the lawn, it reminds me of mowing lawns as a kid – my first business – and I’m one of those who loves a nice lawn, especially when I’ve mowed it myself. We had services doing it for a few years but they never do a good job and charge a lot for it. So after getting rid of the latest one I went back to mowing this year.

It’s time one of the kids can put their screen down for a few minutes and learn to do some physical labor and hopefully develop pride in the results of their effort. It took weeks but Hudson eventually volunteered.

He did a good job. He went off his own tracks a little and missed a few spots but handled the mower well and it took more effort since he was afraid to use the fast self-propelled feature.

Halloween 2019

This is the first year we didn’t take our kids out trick-or-treating. Hudson got home at 4:55pm and was in-costume and out the door by 5:05pm to Bowie’s. Eva left soon after to go out with Iris, Ohana, Poppy, etc. And Havana had 6 (?) friends over for pizza before they went out. Havana was Pam from The Office, Hudson was in his green Chubb suit again this year and Eva was a Shark (her current favorite animal).

Gay and I gave out candy and beer until Jon & Megan & Emmarie & Kayak arrived. Then Gay and Megan took Emmarie out trick-or-treating leaving me and Jon to serve candy and beer. Gay got take-and-bake pizza from Zeek’s and Patrick, Deirdre, Finn (their German nephew and Garfield student) came over for pizza and various people were in and out throughout the evening.

Puberty Class

I took Hudson to Part 1 of the Great Conversations’ puberty class at Seattle Children’s Hospital tonight. Beforehand, we had dinner, just the two of us, at Eureka! where we could watch Monday Night Football and eat burgers.

It was good to have someone talk through the process in a way kids can understand it and it makes it a more comfortable conversation to have. One of the questions the presenter asked the adults was how they learned about puberty. Not surprising to me, not a single parent raised their hand when asked if their parents told them anything at all about puberty. Some parents were given a book by their parents and some were told to go talk to someone else. I learned about it in an uninformative week-long course during Health class in 7th grade and for several years after that. I think Hudson already knows more about it at 11 than I did when I was 14.

There was lots of participation from the audience and Hudson raised his hand to answer questions three times. There were maybe one or two other kids who were as active out of about 50. I was proud, when I was his age I never would have done that, certainly not on this subject. Hudson was also more mature than most by not snickering every time “penis” was said.