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More lost teeth

Hudson and Havana both lost teeth today. We’re not sure which teeth these are, we’ve lost count and no one agrees on how many they’ve lost. 

Hudson literally lost his lost tooth and pouted about it before finding it again.  Hudson is the king of losing stuff before he even looks for it. 😏

Havana gets her ears pierced

When I was young, you got your ears pierced at a shopping mall store or, the way I did it, at home with ice and a needle. Today, tattoo parlors are the recommended place to go. For Havana’s 8th birthday, we let her get her ears pierced so this evening we went to Pierced Hearts.

Her doctor, Jeremy:


The operation:


Painless and successful:


My beautiful daughter is even more beautiful.

Happy 8th Birthday, Havana

To start Havana’s 8th birthday, we went for brunch at The Grand Wailea:


Then we went down to the pool. The pool is very cool with caves, waterfalls and several different areas of varying depth joined by waterways. There’s also a beach area with sand for the little kids. Havana quickly met another girl and they spent the morning and afternoon going all around the pool and the slides. She got a bit of a sunburn on her face. Hudson and Eva stayed with us and we stayed in the kids pool area took them down the slides a few times.

For dinner, we went to a luau:


Havanas 9th & 10th teeth

Havana lost not one, but two!, teeth today. Gerene actually pulled them out for her. Havana decided to try an experiment: she told Gerene, Hudson and Eva not to tell me or Gay so she could see if the Tooth Fairy showed up. She has been suspicious that the Tooth Fairy is not real and that it is her parents that leave the note and money.


Impressively, she and her brother and sister kept it a secret all day and evening. The next morning, she announced that she knows the Tooth Fairy is real because she did visit! Her scientific method makes me proud. And she was very happy to have her belief in the Tooth Fairy restored.


It’s been 4 months since she lost her 8th tooth.

Field Trip to CenturyLink

Havana’s class took a field trip to CenturyLink field, the home of the Seahawks. Havana decided she wants to be a writer when she grows up because the sportswriters get great seats in the stadium and free food.

Interesting facts:

  • It takes all day to paint the field for a game for a football game, half a day for soccer games
  • For seismic reasons, the stadium consists of 8 “pie pieces” that don’t touch each other and are joined inside by movable plates that cover the gaps. There is only one place in the building that will shake in an earthquake
  • All 67,000 seats are washed before every game
  • There are 612 trash/compost/recycling bins at the stadium
  • It cost $50,000 to ship the Super Bowl XLVIII sign from New York