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Eva at bat

In what I think was the best game for the Comets yet, Eva got a base hit and then stole 3 bases to score her first run of the season. As first baseman, she also got a runner out. The game actually finished 3 innings in 2 hours. I think that’s a sign the girls are getting better.

Since the game was at 6pm tonight, all of us went to the game and brought dinner from Bok a Bok. Havana’s friend, Mira, also happened to be at Garfield for her parent’s ultimate frisbee game so she watched Eva play too.

Happy Birthday Eva!

Eva turned 8 today. We celebrated with dinner and cupcakes. She got a custom book, a squishie, and is our first kid to want (gasp!) Barbies. She discovered them at a friend’s house and really liked playing with them but was embarrassed and worried that Havana and Hudson would make fun of her. I was impressed that they kept their opinions to themselves.

She was born 8 years ago today.

First day of school

The 2018-2019 school year started today. Hudson is in Ms Andrews’ 5th grade class and Eva is in Mr Carroll’s 2nd grade class. Havana had Ms Andrews last year and Hudson had Mr Carroll for 3rd and 4th grades.

Hudson and Bowie are not in the same class for the first time and Hudson was upset and apprehensive about that. But he came out of school today all smiles and really likes Ms Andrews.

Eva and Iris are in the same class this year and almost all her friends from last year are in her class. She’s happy too.

The biggest change is that Havana is now in middle school. 6th graders started today without the 7th and 8th graders so they could get used to the school, multiple class rooms, lockers, etc without the bustle of other kids in the halls. Very cool idea. The school had a parent orientation at the start of school so we attended a presentation by the Principal and others in the morning. Havana was very excited to be going to middle school and she loved it too.

Gay and I also picked them all up after school and took them and friends to Hello Robin for ice cream, which it seemed every other parent also did, including Robin & Clay!