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Fall Flag Football

We missed their first games last week when we went to see the Seahawks game but made it this week. Both lost but both had good games and both had fun. That’s good because Eva wanted to quit after her first game. Now she said she loves it. She and Poppy are the only girls on the team too, I like the lack of gender discrimination; so 2019.

Also good is that all the games for both of them are at Franklin High School — Spring football had games all over the city.

The bad is that both are on teams named Ravens. It’s hard for me to root for the Ravens.

I love Eva’s cleats:

First Day of School

Hudson and Eva started 6th and 3rd grade today.

Eva, Poppy, Iris & Ohana

Havana starts 7th grade tomorrow. She will go to Meany Middle School, Hudson is going to Washington Middle School and Eva will be back at Stevens Elementary. Three kids in three different schools! They won’t all be at the same school ever again.

We drove Hudson to school today but he will be taking the bus to school for the first time and even wants to take the city bus instead of the school bus.

Eva at bat

In what I think was the best game for the Comets yet, Eva got a base hit and then stole 3 bases to score her first run of the season. As first baseman, she also got a runner out. The game actually finished 3 innings in 2 hours. I think that’s a sign the girls are getting better.

Since the game was at 6pm tonight, all of us went to the game and brought dinner from Bok a Bok. Havana’s friend, Mira, also happened to be at Garfield for her parent’s ultimate frisbee game so she watched Eva play too.

Happy Birthday Eva!

Eva turned 8 today. We celebrated with dinner and cupcakes. She got a custom book, a squishie, and is our first kid to want (gasp!) Barbies. She discovered them at a friend’s house and really liked playing with them but was embarrassed and worried that Havana and Hudson would make fun of her. I was impressed that they kept their opinions to themselves.

She was born 8 years ago today.