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Second-guessing myself

The forms came off the concrete walls last week and every day that I looked at them I was worried that they didn’t fit the house the way we wanted them to. I kept it to myself all week but couldn’t get over it. The original plan for the decks, as designed by the architects, was to have them both cantilever out from the house, as if they were floating.

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First week in the new house

We’ve been living in the week for a week and love it. There’s still people walking around the house painting and doing miscellaneous work (door knobs, steel installations, etc.). We’re also still unpacking and I’m finishing up my A/V setup, which amounts to untangling all the wires by the rack and making them nice and neat and putting all the receivers and Apple TVs in the rack.

Hudson's first breakfast in new kitchen

I’m glad we moved in before it is 100% complete. We get to see all the little things get finished, we have more time to make sure things like paint problems get fixed and we get to watch the decks get built. Continue reading “First week in the new house”

Move-in week has begun

They’ve got just a few more days until we move in. Paint touch-up is being done and the painters have begun the exterior trim painting. Kurt and Tim are finishing the base shoe trim on the staircase. Colin framed the theater cabinetry. Erich was cleaning the cross-ties in the attic. Ryan was installing more door hardware. I did a little more trim-out of the low-voltage work. DirecTV installed the satellite dish. Bill called in sick Tuesday (July 4th hangover?) but he has some light fixtures to install this week and finish up some electrical trim-out. The stone guys were doing something, not sure what. The replacement beverage fridge arrived today. And the cleaners arrived and started cleaning the living spaces for us.

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House update

Havana and Hudson have French camp this week so we could leave Eva with Kelly and we went to the house to keep working on the stuff I need to do. Gay helped me get all the CAT6 wires punched into the patch panel, a tedious job, and then to test all the wires through the house. They all tested fine. Then I hooked up all the speakers, except for the foyer speakers, to a receiver and we tested those and they all work too. Not bad for my first (and last) low-voltage sub-contractor job. Gay worked out all the issues with the electrical parts and finalized the cabinetry hardware positions with Mark.
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Selecting the exterior color

Selecting the exterior color has been delayed and we’re getting down to the wire. The stucco will be fog-coated, not painted (painting is bad for stucco), so it takes longer to get the colors matched and the material delivered. We finally got several color samples painted and hurried Nancy and My to come out to see them. They had time this afternoon, so Gay and I wanted to be there at the same time, so we decided to make another visit to the house today.

New vs Old stucco

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Quick Tuesday into Seattle

We had a meeting scheduled with the interior designers today so we went in early to stop by the house. There hasn’t been a lot of progress since we were there on Friday. We saw some of the floors that were refinished over the weekend and they look great. And the stucco guys finished the patching they had to do where windows were removed and other places where the stucco had to be removed. They did a good job making it look like the old stucco, which they did by literally throwing the aggregate into the cement. Once it’s colored, it should look pretty close to the original. We’re still waiting for 12th Ave Iron to deliver and install the kitchen shelves, which is holding up the kitchen tile, which is holding up painting.

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A week at the house

To do the low-voltage trim-out work, which will take several days, we decided to stay at the house rather than go back and forth to Vashon everyday. Gay and I went over to the house on Tuesday morning to start. I spent the night there that night and Gay went back to Vashon for the night and brought the kids back on Wednesday to spend a couple more nights at the house. Mark had the plumber trim-out the basement bathroom ahead of schedule so we had a bathroom to use.

Ladder Rack Junction

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At the house with Hudson

To make our weekly visit to the house, I got up early at 5am, which was easy because Eva is sick and not sleeping well so we can’t sleep well either, got my workout done by 6:30a, had a shower, made breakfast for everyone and ate it by a little after 8am. I’d like to start getting up earlier more often. We planned to take Eva with us, but decided to leave her at home with Kelly so she could sleep and get over her sickness. We took Hudson with us instead and he was excited to get the special treatment. He rarely gets time alone with us and we think he needs the break from Havana.

Hudson asked if we could get doughnuts, so we couldn’t resist. Thanks to that we happened to run into our friend Steve at Top Pot Doughnuts and got caught up on what he’s been up to. Then we went to the house.

My Ladder Rack

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Hot tub and house update

We’re working on the plans for the house’s backyard, so it’s time to order the hot tub. We went over to Bellevue to Rich’s to see Clearwater Spas and then to Aqua-Quip to see Sundance Spas. We were essentially decided on a Clearwater Spas hot tub but wanted to see them all in-person and select the exact model and check out the color options before committing. We didn’t like the Sundance Spas, so we stuck with Clearwater. They’ve all got Memorial Day sales (it’s not just for mattresses anymore, I guess) right now but it turns out that Clearwater Spas, a local company, is at Costco this week selling them directly. Rich’s would sell it for about $2,000 off their normal price, but we saved an additional $3000 off Rich’s price. $5,000 will buy lots of beer — I love you, Costco!


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