Peloton Towel Hook

The Peloton spin bike has no built-in towel hook. I didn’t like hanging my towel on the handlebars because it was in the way of my hands. I tried hanging it on the handlebar adjustment bolt above the water bottle holder but it was awkward to reach it and made it hard to grab a water bottle.

So I designed this towel hook and printed it on my 3D printer. It is easy to quickly throw the towel on, the towel stays put and it’s easy to grab again.

I couldn’t find a good way to attach it on the display because it’s so sleek with no ledges or obvious mounting points. So it takes advantage of the headphone jack on the right side. I use a pair of Bluetooth headphones — Aftershokz are the only headphones I’ve found that survive sweat — so I don’t use the jack. I cut off an old headphone jack cable, plugged it into the port and the hook has a hole to hang on the short headphone jack.

It has a flat section that overhangs the border on the front of the display and I used 3M VHB two-sided tape to secure it and keep it from moving when I put the towel on or take it off.

See it on Thingiverse. I designed it in Fusion 360 and I’ve also provided that file, so you can use Fusion 360 to make any changes yourself.

This one is printed with orange PETG filament but I had a PLA version (that wasn’t orange) for several months and it works well too.