Apple Watch

Ask me what time it is!


On April 9, at about 10pm, I realized that Apple was taking pre-orders at midnight – I hadn’t paid much attention to all the news and hype so I assumed it’d go on sale at 10am, as usual – so I stayed up late. I placed my order at 12:03am by my watch. The confirmation email came at 12:06:58am. The exact time to the second is significant, I later realized. The delivery estimate was May 13-27. Ouch, Apple must’ve grossly underestimated the demand to sell out of them in just a few minutes, especially considering it went on sale at 3am on the east coast!

It took them almost 2 weeks of shipping to churn through the first 7 minutes of sales, at least for the model I ordered. I watched a forum thread on MacRumors as people documented their order times to the second and their shipping status while others tracked UPS flights from China to Kentucky. They figured out that the order status changes an hour after UPS flights land in Kentucky. Crazy.

Mine arrived today. The first thing I noticed is how much lighter it is than my old Citizenwatch, and also much more comfortable. It’s less bulky than I was expecting too. It looks thick in the photos but it doesn’t feel thick when wearing it.

So far, I love it. It’s taking some getting used to using. For example, it took me a long time to figure out how to change the watch faces. As always with Apple products, it’s incredibly well-designed, well-thought-out and the fit and finish is unlike any other electronics product.

My first desktop computer in 1980 had 16KB of memory. Today, my watch has 6GB, or 375,000 times as much. I haven’t seen a benchmark to compare the 6502 in my first computer to the watch’s processor but it is probably at least that much faster. Moore’s Lawwasn’t optimistic enough!

When it arrived at 3pm it had 74% battery power. At 11pm, after playing with it quite a bit all day, it was down to 10%. Battery life on a typical day’s usage should be fine. The only downside to it so far is that I have to take it off at night to charge it.

2nd day

At 6am, starting at 100% battery power, I used it to workout, so it was running the workout app monitoring my heart rate for an hour. The rest of the day I used it as I expect that I’d normally use it plus I used it twice to navigate while driving on two ~15-minute trips. It was down to 60% by 1pm and I felt like I had to use it as little as possible. By 11pm, the battery was at 20%.

The Maps app for navigation is good but the text should be bigger so it’s easier to glance at while driving. Since it requires an iPhone, while driving I’ll just use my iPhone which can read the directions to me instead and I can keep the phone charging at the same time if necessary. I think the watch would be better for walking where you want the phone to stay in your pocket and not talking to you.

In 5 years, I think people will be surprised we used to wear watches that could only tell us the time.


We tried to go to Monkeypod on Wednesday for dinner but discovered that you can’t even get into the place without a reservation, which we didn’t make. So we made a reservation for Friday dinner. This is considered by some to be the best (only?) beer restaurant on Maui. The food was excellent, one of the best meals we had here, and the beer selection is fantastic by Hawaii standards (even good by Seattle standards).


Happy 8th Birthday, Havana

To start Havana’s 8th birthday, we went for brunch at The Grand Wailea:


Then we went down to the pool. The pool is very cool with caves, waterfalls and several different areas of varying depth joined by waterways. There’s also a beach area with sand for the little kids. Havana quickly met another girl and they spent the morning and afternoon going all around the pool and the slides. She got a bit of a sunburn on her face. Hudson and Eva stayed with us and we stayed in the kids pool area took them down the slides a few times.

For dinner, we went to a luau:


Maui Brewing Company

We got a sitter for the kids so Gay and I could go to Maui Brewing Co for a brewery tour today. The sitter was great, the kids loved her.


Maui Brewing was fun. We started with a beer, a Kölsch and a Czech pils, and tacos from the lunch-time food truck, Slightly Salty. They even gave us the “industry discount”: free beers! Then we took the tour. This was their new brewery, a 42,000 square foot place that they built last year and only opened the tap room 4 months ago. They have two brew houses, a 25bbl and a 50bbl, a well-equipped laboratory, a large yeast propagation system, a centrifuge, a canning line, capacity for 150,000 bbls with plenty more space to grow, and are working on being 100% solar-powered. They are also in construction of a large pub.

Interestingly, their best-selling beer on the mainland is the Coconut Porter. I like to see dark beers being popular. In Hawaii, not surprisingly, their Bikini Blonde, which is a delicious Helles that I’ve been enjoying the most this week, is their best-seller. Their Big Swell IPA is also easy to find in Hawaii, also good. But at the brewery they have 20 or more taps of other beers. I got a sampler of these: a doppelbock, a coffee doppelbock (that’s a new one for me), a Vienna lager, an alt, a dry stout and a double IPA. All were very good, I’d like to go back for a pint of that Doppelbock.

It took over 7 months but I finally registered today. I’ve registered lots of domains over the years and they all took seconds to complete. Not this one…

The registrar for .beer started taking requests for domains in September 2014. I put in my request and then they went silent to me – I couldn’t get any response via email or phone. Eventually, they added an online chat tech support feature to their web site which got me in contact with a person. I was promised I’d have the domain registered that day. That day was February 11. Since then I was told various “technical problems” are preventing them from registering domains. I stopped trying for many weeks and today, on a whim while on vacation, I tried to register it through their web site and this time it worked. Now I need to see if I can transfer it to my favorite registrar to avoid similar problems in the future!