<a href="ichat-01.jpgI iChat’d with my brother last night, who is 3,000 miles away. The quality of iChat + iSight is stunning. I’ve done video conferences with people on high-end equipment before and this is far better both in sound and picture quality. The video quality still isn’t TV quality, but it is close and does 30 frames per second (which is what TV does). I have seen the future of telecommunication and this is it.

Now I just wish I knew more people with Macs to chat with.


My iSight arrived today. It’s classic great Apple packaging and most of it is well-designed. But the mounting system(s) is terrible design. To assemble/disassemble it from the mounting base, it comes apart in five pieces. It’s all designed to make it look good when it’s mounted, but surely they could’ve come up with a better design.

The mounting situation is horrible for anyone without a laptop. The only mount to mount it on the back of a flat panel display has a sticky base so it’s more or less permanent. Not a good idea. And the Apple displays are curved in the back no there’s no flat surface to mount the base properly. But zip ties to the rescue… I mounted it like this guy did. Not pretty, but it works until Apple or a 3rd party comes out with a better mount.

iChat AV is buggy still too.

Phew! After four weeks of development and 2,000 lines of code and lots of testing, our new recipe editing system is live on the site. This is going to make our recipe editing/correction job much much much easier.

Antwone Fisher Sucked

I think Troy is too generous. This movie was entirely paint-by-numbers and about an hour over what you can usually handle in an “after school special”. I was groaning, the scenes were so heavy-handed. I didn’t believe he was a virgin, I didn’t believe he lived on the streets, I didn’t believe whatever was supposed to have happened between Denzel and his wife that was supposed to have been fixed in the end, and I especially didn’t believe that I waited 2 hours to NOT find out one damn thing about what really happened to his parents that he was searching for. Would he really not have demanded at least a word from the mother? Oh, and I don’t believe that kids who’s dads are SHOT by their ex-girlfriends are likely to find a black Norman Rockwell painting 20 years later.