Steal This Ad

Ok, I might be a bit of an iPod-head, but these ads are not parody, they are simply trying to confuse the market. They look like Apple Music ads, they use the same concept, look and font. Knowing Apple, they will undoubtedly sue. IMHO, there is a worthwhile copyright right suit here, though Apple would benefit from the ads if only their Windows version Music store were available.

"Armstrong Crashes…"

I accidentally saw the above headline yesterday so I was dreading every moment of yesterday’s stage as we watched it last night. I didn’t see how the headline ended so I know if he was losing or out of the tour or whatever. I was on pins and needles during the descents and stomach-turning as Lance took off his helmet for the final climb. It really was an amazing stage. Go Lance! …and there is a short story some where to be written about the little boy with the musette who pulled the yellow jersey off his bike.

Philip Greenspun makes a good case for why the SCO lawsuit against IBM (and Linux) was made possible thanks to the poor choices made by Congress and the Copyright Extension Act. I really wish the government would do what’s right for people long-term rather than what’s good for corporations in the short-term. But given that a Congressman needs to pay an expensive chef to put food on the table, that’s likely to be a pipe dream.

And Doc Searls has a great article on “Saving the Net”. Similar to the SCO lawsuit, the internet is going to be under siege by large corporations who cry to Congress that they must maintain their right to be profitable. And Congress ignores the entire concept of Capitalism (business are born and die as part of the natural “churn” of capitalism) and help them. It’s far better to let a company like AT&T die and have hundreds more born than it is to stifle hundreds so AT&T continues to prosper. But that’s just my 2¢ and corporations like AT&T have quite a few more pennies than I do., once my favorite online store, the one with the original crazy business model, just launched today. The site is a poor rip-off of Apple’s iTunes Music Store, but the commercials (1, 2 & 3) are good rip-offs of Apple’s commercials.

And I guess they’re right when they say it’s music downloading “for the rest of us” because the site doesn’t work on any Mac browser I tried. Dumb. And even dumber are the more restrictive DRM restrictions on the music. But they are cheaper than Apple’s prices (79¢ versus 99¢ per song) but the selection is much smaller.


This Tour isn’t finished yet, but it’s the best Tour I’ve ever seen. Lance crashed (!) at the bottom of the final climb after a fan’s hat (or musette) grabbed Lance’s handlebar and pulled him to the ground. And he still won the stage by 40 seconds! Today was the first day of this Tour where he showed his superiority and it was amazing how fluidly he rode the last climb. Lance put 40 seconds into Ullrich, plus a time bonus gave him a lead of 67 seconds over Ullrich. Ullrich will have to ride an incredible time trial and Lance would have to do terribly on Friday to beat Lance.

On the downside, Iban Mayo demonstrated the most unsportsman-like behavior I’ve seen in sports. After Lance crashed (and Iban Mayo also fell on the crash) Iban Mayo quickly got up and tried to attack. Then when Lance came back, his pedal/cleat was broken and Lance slipped off his pedal again and almost stopped. Iban Mayo attacked again. Lance chased him and blew him away. So Iban Mayo stuck to Ullrich’s wheel the entire climb up the mountain so Ullrich did all the work and then just feet before the finish, he passed Ullrich and took 2nd on the stage. Cycling is an incredibly gentlemanly sport, but Mayo proved that he is not worthy of a good career. I will enjoy watching every defeat in his career. On the other hand, Ullrich is not only a great sportsman (he waited for Lance after he fell) he is a powerful cyclist that deserves to win the Tour many times in the future.

Uh oh! I can’t explain how I know this just yet, but I know there is big news about the Tour de France and/or Lance Armstrong on the front pages of both the New York Times and CNN! I have a bad bad feeling about this. I don’t know how I’m going to wait til tonight to watch the coverage. Ugh! Turning off radio, being extra careful with reading email and avoiding any news-related web site today!

Since the week is filled with work on Recipezaar, we spent the entire weekend hammering out lots of code for (yet) another web site. It was hot this weekend too and we sat in the office in front of our computers, which got to be uncomfortable. But we made lots of progress at least. We didn’t quite finish it, which was our goal for the weekend, but we’re close. And the coolest thing is although the site is very different from Recipezaar, a lot of the software can (and will) be used for Recipezaar.