Seattle to Florence

It was a good flight on Lufthansa, although the food wasn’t very good except for the cheese plate. Me and the kids were all in one row and Gay was a couple rows back.

After a 2-hour layover in Frankfurt and a 1-hour flight over the Swiss Alps, we landed in Florence (at the Amerigo Vespucci airport, I love it!). I think this is my first flight ever on an Embraer, an E-90, plane.

It took a long time to pick up our rental car, the first wasn’t big enough to fit our luggage (we couldn’t fit 4 bags in a trunk that claims to fit 5) so we ended up with a Skoda Superb station wagon. Driving an Italian car in Italy is more appropriate anyway.

Then we drove for 2 hours to our place in Tuscany.

Game of Thrones final episode

We didn’t start watching Game of Thrones until season 3 or maybe 4 but I’m glad we did. Tonight is the final episode and I’m sad to see it end.

Dragonglass shakes and Drogon-flame-broiled burgers from Shake Shack for dinner:

…Before the Dawn for dessert:

I watched almost all 67 episodes all over again before season 8 started and one day I will start all over again with the kids. They’re interested now because they aren’t allowed to watch it but maybe they won’t care when they are allowed.

Havana’s Birthday party

Havana had 5 friends over for her birthday slumber party. After school they went to Paint the Town and then home for dinner (spaghetti and meatballs), cake and ice cream and a movie (Titanic). Hudson and Eva got out of the house to their friends’ houses for the night.

I thought they went to bed at a reasonable time but Gay woke up at 2am and found them all still awake and had to tell them to go to sleep.