Date night 

After work, Gay and I went out for a date night for the first time in forever. 🎶 We tried to go to Mamnoon but didn’t want to wait 45 minutes. We ended up at Tavolata and ran into Bob Bennion, the real estate agent who we used to buy our Capitol Hill house and sell our Vashon house. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him! We were disappointed in Tavolata. We went back to the brewery for a beer, spending a rare Friday night in our own place. 

Havana’s 10th birthday 

Havana turned 10 today. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already. After her friends left, I took her to REI to get a new bike; one with gears!

After her Girl Scouts meeting, we all went out for a bike ride, including Eva and even Gay (Hudson too, of course, he always rides his bike). Then after dinner we had more cake. 

More lost teeth

Hudson and Havana both lost teeth today. We’re not sure which teeth these are, we’ve lost count and no one agrees on how many they’ve lost. 

Hudson literally lost his lost tooth and pouted about it before finding it again.  Hudson is the king of losing stuff before he even looks for it. 😏

First Pro Brew

There’s been weeks of delays to get to the first brew day but today we did it. I love that it happened to be on Hudson’s birthday, so I can refer to our first beer we brewed as “Hudson Ale”, which is his name.


This beer won’t be sold, it’s just a test of the brewhouse and, by testing the beer for bacteria over the next several days, a test of our sanitary practices. We’ll also move it through all the tanks to “pickle” them before they get real beers in them.

The brew went well without any catastrophes but it was a long day. We started at 7:30am and left the brewery at 7:30pm. We need to tighten up the routine and get it down to 6-8 hours. We were also interrupted several times by the contractor to make decisions – I am looking forward to the peaceful brews when construction is complete.