Hudson’s 9th Birthday

We celebrated Hudson’s 9th birthday in Sunriver:

He wanted a poop emoji cake, so Gay had to put her baking skills to good use.

It was great that his best friend Bowie and his family was here with us. He thought we had forgotten about his birthday and presents because of the vacation and that he wouldn’t get any presents but he was wrong.

In the path of totality

I woke up at 3:30am to check traffic to Madras and Salem and both were clear. We originally thought everyone would go to Salem because it’s closer to Portland and just 50 minutes down I-5 so we were going to go to Madras to avoid the traffic. But Eclipse-ageddon didn’t happen so we decided to go to Salem.

By 5am we were out of the hotel and after a long wait at Voodoo Doughnut for donuts and coffee, we got to Salem by 7am, brought our camping chairs to the State Capital grounds where a lot of people were already gathered and waited until 9:05am for the eclipse to start.

Here’s a video at the total eclipse, it went dark very quickly and then we could take our glasses off and see the corona around the moon. It looks like a dim sun in the video but in real life it was a thin ring of light around a black circle. Amazing.

Eclipse trip

We drove to Portland to stay for the night before trying to see the totality of the solar eclipse. Traffic was somewhat bad, a 3-hour trip took 4 hours. Surprisingly, there was no traffic into Portland; I can’t remember the last time I’ve experienced that!

At Hi-Lo, they know the best letter:

After dinner, a walk around Portland and a stop at Powell’s, watching an early movie in the hotel so we can get up early in an attempt to beat the traffic.

Father’s Day 2017

Eva surprised me with her culinary skills for a Father’s Day breakfast: glitter nachos with a Unicorn and a kitty cat. Decorated with a 47 for my age. 

While making it, she kept coming into the room I was in to ask me if I heard any noises she was making. When I said I hadn’t, she was very happy and ran back to continue work. 

Date night 

After work, Gay and I went out for a date night for the first time in forever. 🎶 We tried to go to Mamnoon but didn’t want to wait 45 minutes. We ended up at Tavolata and ran into Bob Bennion, the real estate agent who we used to buy our Capitol Hill house and sell our Vashon house. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him! We were disappointed in Tavolata. We went back to the brewery for a beer, spending a rare Friday night in our own place.