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Gay’s Annual Hill Climb for Beer

Gay went with members of the WA Brewer’s Guild to Olympia today to talk to our representatives about beer. She got to see Nicole Macri who kicked off her campaign at Optimism and she met, Frank Chopp, the Speaker of the House, who has never met with the Guild before but did because he heard that “someone from Optimism would be here.”

The Washington Brewers Guild hosted its annual Legislative Hill Climb on Jan. 28, 2019 to spread the good word of Washington craft beer.
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Gates Foundation + Optimism

The Gates Foundation, who refer to themselves as “impatient optimists”, was planning a launch party for their renovated Discovery Center when an employee saw someone at their gym wearing an Optimism t-shirt. She asked about it and learned about our existence and wanted to have our beer at their event. Tonight, Gay and I joined our events person, Colin, to serve our beer.

Coincidentally, it was designed by our favorite architect, Tom Kundig, who also did our brewery and our home.

Coincidence #2: the woman who was in charge of the renovation got up to speak and Gay recognized her as someone she worked with at Aldus back in the 1990s. She remembered Gay and they quickly got caught up on their lives. Small world.