Day: November 16, 2022

Tender Chocks

I’m proud of myself for installing the tender chocks myself. I was pretty nervous about drilling holes in fiberglass (and a boat!) so I spent a lot of time doing research, asking people for advice and planning it. It turned out really well. And because the swim platform has foam core between the fiberglass, I was not concerned about water penetration. I filled the holes with epoxy and used 3M 5200 sealant anyway, though. I used really nice Wichard padeyes for the tie-downs too, which look nice. It took me weeks and 3 days of actual work, but it turned out really well and there’s still plenty of room to walk around on the swim platform to get on and off the boat and into the crew cabin.

I also got a remote control for the swim platform. The Opacmare passarelle has a remote control that goes on a key ring to operate it. The swim platform is made by the same company so I wondered if it too can be operated with a remote. It turns out it can! All I had to do was buy a remote receiver and a remote and plug the receiver into the hydraulic lift’s motor. That was the easiest boat project I’ve ever done, it took seconds. Without a remote control, I’d have to tie the tender to the boat, lower the platform, get in the tender while it’s floating, untie it and drive off. Now, I get in the tender, use the remote to lower it and drive off. Coming back, I float above the platform, use the remote to lift it and it automatically goes on the chocks and I step out of the boat.