Day: September 6, 2022

Whidbey and Kingston

We planned to go up to Whidbey Island as a family but Havana didn’t want to go. So it was to be just the four of us. Then Hudson invited his friends, Bowie and Penn, at the last minute. Havana stayed home alone (!) one night and then she spent the next night at Jamison’s house.
Sunday morning we left the marina and arrived at Langley by 1:30pm. After we anchored I was on the flybridge and started to hear Coast Guard reports over the VHF radio of a boat-to-boat collision and a search for survivors in Mutiny Bay, just on the other side of the island from where we were anchored. It turned out to be a seaplane crash, one of the worst plane crashes in Washington history with all 9 passengers, including a 22-month old kid, and the pilot killed. 😢
Sep 10, 2022 Update: all the identities were made public, two bodies have been recovered and the wreckage may have been located.


We dropped our crab pots and a few hours later had dozens of crabs but all but two were either female or too small. We tried two more times but both were much less successful. But we had enough crab to make a dip.

Penn started school on Tuesday so we took him to the Port of Everett – the largest public marina on the west coast I learned – Monday afternoon where his dad picked him up. Then we took the boat to Kingston to find a full marina. We quickly anchored in the bay and rushed to town to have dinner at Kingston Ale House before they closed.


The next morning I took the tender into town and got a lot of crepes and took them back to the boat for breakfast.