Month: July 2022

18th Wedding Anniversary

A college friend of Gay’s unexpectedly died a few months ago and the “Celebration of Life” service was coincidentally scheduled on our anniversary date on Vashon Island at Vashon Field & Pond, This would only be our second return to Vashon — Kelly’s wedding was the first — since we moved in 2011. So we took the opportunity to also celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.

In 2004, our rehearsal dinner was at The Hardware Store Restaurant. so we made a reservation there for brunch and invited our Vashon friends. Several have since moved off the island but John & Deborah and Heather showed up and we were able to catch up on the past 11 years.

Camp Orkila Week

Getting the kids to Camp Orkila is a long day with the drive to Anacortes, the ferry ride to Orcas Island, the bus ride to camp is not a fun ordeal for the parents. For the kids’ week at Camp Orkila this year, we could take the boat straight to Camp Orkila and have a lot more fun doing it. So we took our kids plus Ohana, Bowie and Iris on the boat.

I spent the night on the boat the night before and got up at 6am and prepared the boat so we could leave as early as possible. Everyone started arriving just before 7am and we got everyone on board and left the dock at 7:30am, went straight through the Locks and after a very foggy and slow trip through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, arrived at Camp Orkila just before 1pm.

Going through the small lock
Camp Orkila

After getting the kids registered, Gay and I took a slow cruise to Deer Harbor to spend the night.

The next day, we went to Roche Harbor for two nights. The first night, Gay’s cousin and his wife, who were staying at their vacation house on Henry Island, came over to Roche for dinner with us.

We went back to Orkila for a night and to drop our crab pots, then to Eastsound for a night where we had dinner at the Outlook Inn.

Eastsound Bay on Orcas Island

The next day, we went around the east side of Orcas Island and north to Sucia Island for a night. The next morning, we continued our circumnavigation of Orcas back to Orkila to pick up the kids.


The Schuberts acquired a hard-to-get reservation for the SYC’s Henry Island July 4th (HIJ4) weekend but needed a boat to get there. We volunteered our boat or they invited us, depending on how you look at it.

All 12 of us — the 5 of us, Ken & Karen Schubert, their daughter Caci and her friend (Tobin was away at camp), Havana’s friend Mira, Hudson’s friend Bowie and Eva’s friend Iris — left Lake Union at 7:30am and arrived at Henry Island around 2:30pm, just in time for the wine-tasting.

Gay & Figurati at Henry Island

Sunday, July 3rd was a rainy day so all the outdoor events were canceled and we all spent the whole day on the boat playing cards, chatting, making lunch and dinner, me watching the TDF, etc. 10 people on the boat all day was not crowded.

On July 4th, before the fireworks began, Ken and I took Eva and Iris and hitched a ride on someone else’s tender to Roche Harbor to watch the traditional “colors” ceremony, which is the taking-down of the flags. There were so many boats in the harbor you could walk from boat to boat to get ashore!

Eva and Iris
Colors ceremony at Roche Harbor

The tender captain had drank a bit too much and he agreed to let Eva drive the boat back to Henry Island. She did just that, for the most part, despite the chaos of getting out of the harbor.

Fireworks at Roche Harbor