Figurati on its way!

The boat was loaded on the cargo ship, Glen Scotia, today.

Our boat being loaded on a bigger boat

I learned about the Jones Act, a 1920 US protectionist law that makes it illegal for a foreign-owned shipping company to both pickup and drop-off within the US. Because the boat was picked up in Florida, the cargo ship has to deliver it to Canada, meaning Victoria, BC. Hamid also sold a Cranchi 52 located in Miami to a buyer in California and it is going on the same boat today and will be delivered to Ensanada, Mexico. It’s another example of a law meant to help US workers but has the opposite effect – trying to keep foreign companies, who can pay low wages, from “unfairly” competing with US companies, they prevent American ship and dock workers from earning a wage, make it easier for foreign companies to continue to pay their workers low wages, send what would be US import taxes to other countries, increases enforcement costs in the US and harms the companies who it’s trying to help by preventing them from competing and getting better. Politicians should not pretend to be economists.

I also learned why cargo ships are registered in unusual countries, i.e., they sail under a “flag of convenience”. This cargo ship sails under the flag of Liberia. To avoid US labor laws, shipping companies register their ships in countries that don’t have strong labor laws, like Liberia, which is an interesting story. Liberia is a tiny and poor country and doesn’t have much of an economy and the workers on these cargo ships don’t have great wages or benefits, but at least they are paid more than they’d make at home and Liberia has a significant (for them) source of revenue.

I’m guessing it’ll take 4-5 weeks to get to Victoria. When it arrives in Victoria, we will go with a captain to pick it up in Victoria and drive it down to Seattle.

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