Day: March 3, 2022

25 years in Seattle

Today is the 25th anniversary of my first day at Microsoft. I remember this date because I started on March 3rd, or 3/3, and 3 is my favorite number. It’s significant to me because I moved to Seattle a few days before that (not a memorable date), a place I expected to live five years at most, and I met the person who became my best friend, wife and the mother of my kids few days after that. It’s a life-changing event for me that wasn’t well thought-out or appreciated at the time but appears perfectly planned in retrospect.

In 2 years I will have lived in Seattle half my life. I find this remarkable because I still feel like Seattle is fairly recent in my life and living in Virginia before that still feels like a much longer part of my life. Time sure does fly by the older you get.