5 years of Peloton

I remember when I was tired of using our elliptical machine, that I’d been using for 7 years or so, and was looking for something new. I’ve always liked cycling and wished there was an exercise bike, but in my experience, there wasn’t a good one. But there was a new small company called Peloton that had an interesting bike with a screen on it. It was for spinning classes, something I’d never done and didn’t even like the idea: do what you’re told to do when they tell you to do it. Nevertheless, on November 20, 2016 I ordered it. It was delivered on November 26, 2016 and I did my first two rides and rode it practically every day since. I did my 5th annual Thanksgiving “Turkey Burn” ride yesterday.

I’ve done 1,982 rides and I’m on a 125-week streak. We added a Peloton Tread in February 2020. The bike has been maintenance-free too, I’ve never had a problem with it and aside from wiping it down after I use it, it doesn’t require any maintenance at all. I’ve watched the company grow and become a household name, I’ve seen instructors come and go, some of which have become minor celebrities, I’ve bought several pieces of Peloton apparel (which are all high quality), I beta-tested their new cycling shoes this year which they let me keep and I bought 20 shares of PTON stock several months ago. I’m a fan.

Coincidentally, they’re having a Black Friday sale for $350 off the new Bike+ and $700 off for trading in my current bike. So on my 5th anniversary, I treated myself to the new bike. It’s scheduled for delivery in 7 days, December 3rd.

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