Hot days in Coeur d’Alene

We suffered through three very unusual 100º+ days at home, one day setting a record for Seattle at 107º, and after that was over we woke up on Tuesday to comparatively chilly 70º temperatures and then left for Idaho where it was even hotter. On the drive over east of the mountains the temperatures as registered on the car’s outside thermometer went as high as 116º! Barley had to make a rest stop in 115º temperatures and the pavement was so hot on his paws he didn’t know what to do. Inside the car, it was in the 60ºs, a 50º difference!

We got to our Airbnb after 5pm and Jon, Megan, Emmarie, Nai and Kaki, who spent the heat wave in Spokane with air-conditioning, showed up a couple hours after us.

Hudson on the kayak, girls in the water, Megan and Havana sitting on the dock

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