H1 & H2 are fully vaccinated!

Havana and Hudson got their 2nd vaccine shot today. They were scheduled to get it yesterday at the Amazon SuperVax site, where they got their 1st shot, but Optimism was selected to be a Seattle Fire Department pop-up vaccine site today so we went there today instead. The kids met the Mayor, Jenny Durkan, who visited for a photo op and TV interviews. Gay was also interviewed by KOMO so she may be on local TV tonight.

Our family is 80% vaccinated, which is herd immunity for our house and even better than Washington State’s current 69% vaccination rate, which is leading the the country in vaccines! Seattle is expected to be the first city in the country to reach 70% vaccinations. That means that the entire state is about to fully re-open earlier than the planned June 30 date! I’m very proud of the kids, the brewery’s role in vaccinating Seattle, our progressive state and city. Update June 9: Seattle did become the first city to vaccinate 70% of residents.

Mayor Durkan at Optimism

And if the day wasn’t great enough, while I was there I saw our newest 10 bourbon barrels that were just delivered and these are from none other than Maker’s Mark, my favorite bourbon distillery.

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