Havana’s Birthday Party

Havana wanted to have Mira and Hannah over to celebrate her birthday and wanted the house to herself. So Gay, Hudson, Eva and I went to a hotel for the night. All three were tested for Covid with the BinaxNow at-home test and all passed.

Hannah, Havana & Mira

We got home at 11:30am and they said stayed up until 4am or later, they’re not sure, watching movies all night. They will be very tired.

Funny, Mira is wearing a Minor Threat shirt… I was their age when Minor Threat was making music.

We stayed at the new Hyatt Regency hotel (which I learned is the largest hotel in the Pacific Northwest). Thanks to Covid and a mostly empty hotel, I assume, we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite, the largest room in the hotel, which is on the top 45th floor and had a kitchen, dining area and two living rooms. Hudson and Eva’s room was on the 38th floor. It’s not often I get this view of Seattle, it’s amazing to me how much Seattle has grown, and is still growing, in the 24 years I’ve been here.

Looking southeast from our hotel room window

Gay and I had a cocktail in the bar before dinner then we called Hudson and Eva to come down to the Andare restaurant to join us. Also thanks to Covid, there were only 5 other tables in so it felt like we had the place almost to ourselves.

It’s also my half-birthday today, I’m 51½ today!

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