Havana & Hudson’s first day of school

It’s been over a year since schools were closed and today Havana and Hudson went back to school for the first time. They couldn’t go immediately after Spring Break because they had to quarantine and get tested for a week before returning. Havana only gets a couple months being the oldest class in 8th grade before moving on to high school next year. Havana’s school is just a few blocks away so she can walk but Hudson has to be driven and then he takes the city bus home in the afternoon.

It’s great that they get to go back and start to return to normalcy, but they’re both in classes of only 2-3 people and it’s only for a few hours for just two days a week. It’s pretty dumb of Seattle Public Schools because it doesn’t help parents who have to go to work — there’s no school bus service so if the kids can’t walk, they have to either be driven or take city busses, so it’s more of a burden on the people who really need to get their kids to school so they just don’t send them. We have to also answer a Covid questionnaire every morning verifying that they don’t have symptoms.

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