Month: January 2021

Biden-Harris Inauguration

After 4 long years of anger, racism, hate, lies, wars on science, decency and democracy by a King of the Jackasses presidency and his cowardly enablers, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated today. And he got right to work undoing several of the idiotic things the worst president in history did. I hope after that debacle, Congress can get on with good ol’ fashioned political debate based on reasoning and logic rather than ignorance and lies.

It’s another example of Republicans making a mess of the country and Democrats having to fix it.

200 days of DuoLingo

I haven’t missed a day of French lessons on DuoLingo since I started in June and today I’ve completed 200 consecutive days. According to my DuoLingo score of 78 (out of 160), I can “Follow along with short lines of argument and main plot points, as long as the words are common and familiar” and “Talk fluently about factual topics you know a lot about, such as art, music, and movies”. That may be true if the person speaks to me or I speak to them very slowly. I guess I’m almost half done with the entire course.