Day: November 16, 2020

Learning French

Earlier this year, Havana started learning French using DuoLingo. When the pandemic started, we all decided we’d follow her lead and learn a language too. I chose French because I took it in high school but never learned as much as I would have liked, plus I thought I could practice with Havana. Hudson, Eva and Gay chose Spanish.

Months later, I’m the only one who still does it regularly. In fact, I never missed a day. Today is my 150th consecutive day! I’ve slowed down a lot since the early days when I would aim for 500 XP points a day and to be #1 in each week’s league competition. That would take me 2-3 hours a day which became too much to commit each day. These days, I’m happy with 100 points per day and to just not get demoted to the league below.

Right now, I have 31,091 XP points am almost at the end of Castle 3 (of 8 Castles), so maybe 35% complete with the entire course. I am far from fluent but much better than I was at French in both reading, writing and listening than I was in high school.