Biden is President-Elect

It took several days since November 3rd of vote-counting for Joe Biden to reach a lead of 0.5% in Pennsylvania when it was called for him which put him over 270 Electoral Votes. The election had the largest turnout in American history and Democrats once again won the popular vote as they have in 7 of the last 8 elections, proving once again that America is more progressive than it is conservative. It’s also more proof that the Electoral College is broken given that it’s not obvious who won when one candidate gets over 4 million votes more than the other candidate.

Our pandemic pod partners, the Silks, came over to celebrate and watch the victory speeches. Congratulations to a long-deserving Joe Biden and to history-making Kamala Harris!

Joe Biden making his best speech ever
Kamala in suffragette white
Bowie, Hudson, Zach, Eli, Fiona, Edie, Eva, Gay, Havana and me toasting champagne (and kids’ champagne)

Good riddance to Trump. What a jackass. True to his character, he’s a sore loser and, despite zero evidence, is pushing conspiracy theories that the Democrats stole the election from him and refuses to concede. Trump and his lemmings believe the Democrats stole the Presidency but no Senate seats. Trump lost because most Americans don’t like him. It’s that simple. The claims of fraud are just a ruse to continue Republican voter suppression tactics to keep voting difficult and to prevent low-income and minorities from voting in future elections. I hope he really does refuse to leave the White House and is hauled out in handcuffs on January 20, 2021. But he’s also a coward, so I predict he’ll leave in the middle of the night so no one can watch.

Patrick’s bumper sticker

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