I did my 1,400th Peloton ride today with my favorite instructor, Jenn Sherman, and for the first time I made a video of my “shout-out”.

She says “Let’s do it the right way…” because before the ride started she practically talked to me about my 1400th ride and said she’d do the shout-out during the ride too. She has a good memory, it’s as if she knows me. Incidentally, she is the very first instructor they hired at Peloton.

3 thoughts on “1400”

    1. A shout-out is the instructor congratulating you by name when you hit a milestone, such as 100, 200 or 1,400 rides and even birthdays, as a way to encourage people to continue exercising and feel more connected to the Peloton community. You don’t always get them because there’s now so many people (thousands!) in a ride so there’s so many milestones the instructor would have to do nothing but give shout-outs the entire ride, so it’s kinda fun when you do get one these days.

      The video is right below the photo, there should be a triangle pointing to the right that you tap to watch the video.

      — Troy Hakala troy.hakala@gmail.com


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