Month: August 2020

Tour de France 2020: Covid edition

I’m finally watching this year’s Tour de France, delayed almost two months because of Covid. My favorite chair, coffee, a good book, Barley snoring on the couch, Le Tour on TV — summer is now normal again for me. It sure sounds better on the Beosound Stage soundbar too.

It’s been canceled before, due to the two World Wars, but this is the first time it’s ever been delayed. And given that they are required to remove entire teams if two riders test positive for Covid, I wonder if it’ll even finish in Paris, which it has always done.

It’ll be interesting to watch. All the spectators are required to wear masks and so far they’re certainly better about it than the freedumb-minded Americans who refuse. Cars aren’t allowed on the route either so unless spectators walk up the mountains, there won’t be any fans in the mountain stages at all crowding the road, which would be very odd to see.

A Norwegian, Alexander Kristoff, won the first stage, only the 5th Norwegian to win a Tour stage.

Last year’s Tour de France.

Hudson is 12

Hudson is already 12. I still remember his birth.

Covid is still going on so get-togethers are limited. Bowie, Keston and Josh came over for the afternoon, had Hudson’s choice of ramen for dinner, had cake and watched a movie.

Lemon blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting

He had a hard time coming up with a list of things he wanted for his birthday except for candy (!) but finally decided he wanted a PC for gaming. It’ll be his school computer too — no Mac for Hudson! He and I picked out the parts together, although he did most of the research. By his birthday all the parts had arrived and we spent a couple hours assembling it together.

PCs are much more colorful these days!

One million pounds

After 44 weeks, I reached the one million pound milestone today on Tonal.

Between Peloton and Tonal (“Pelotonal”) I hear a lot of motivational talk; some is cliché but some I really like, such as these Tonal quotes:

You do today what others won’t so you have tomorrow what others don’t.

Coach Jackson

Do what’s easy and your life will be hard. Do what’s hard and your life will be easy.

Coach Jackson

What’s up, athlete!?!

Paul Wright

Hudson mowing the lawn

I finally got one of the kids to mow our lawn. I have always enjoyed mowing the lawn, it reminds me of mowing lawns as a kid – my first business – and I’m one of those who loves a nice lawn, especially when I’ve mowed it myself. We had services doing it for a few years but they never do a good job and charge a lot for it. So after getting rid of the latest one I went back to mowing this year.

It’s time one of the kids can put their screen down for a few minutes and learn to do some physical labor and hopefully develop pride in the results of their effort. It took weeks but Hudson eventually volunteered.

He did a good job. He went off his own tracks a little and missed a few spots but handled the mower well and it took more effort since he was afraid to use the fast self-propelled feature.