Month: March 2020

Garage Floor

Since moving into the house I’ve disliked our garage floor. It’s 100+ years old and very ugly and worn concrete. I had planned to put an epoxy floor in but after researching my options, I decided to do Racedeck tiles instead. An epoxy coat looks great, but it’s expensive, I didn’t want to do it myself because it’d take me several days and require too much prep work and wouldn’t fix the unevenness in the floor. Racedeck’s Free Flow™ tiles stay cleaner and drier because dirt and water falls through to the floor below. Plus, it’s cheaper and much easier to do myself.

The kids helped me, which included moving stuff out of the garage, vacuuming the floor and snapping all the tiles together. It only took us 90 minutes to do all that and cover most of the floor.

It took me several more hours over a couple days to finish the edges by scribing and cutting the tiles to fit the walls, stairs, garage door rails, etc. I’m very happy with it, the garage is much more pleasant place to be.

Happy Birthday, Gay!

Gay turned 50 today. The kids made breakfast for her all by themselves.

Gay and Havana went to Gay’s favorite cake shop Deep Sea Sugar & Salt to get pieces of cake. She decided to do this just before Eric scheduled a surprise Zoom call with a bunch of her friends from around the country. I also couldn’t get the Zoom app to work on my iPad so the surprise was ruined even more because when she got back I had to get her up to my office computer. Yet she was still surprised.

I picked up takeout dinner from Rione XIII, which is now takeout only during the Covid-19 shutdown, and it was pretty good.

Schools closed due to Covid-19

While I was at Eva’s school waiting for her to come out, Governor Inslee announced that schools would be closed to prevent kids from catching and spreading Covid-19. This was expected, and probably should have happened a few days earlier, but my question is: How will we know when to open them again?

We had one snow day this winter and just weeks ago I was hoping for snow so the kids could have several days off like last year which turned out to be fun. I got what I wished for, sort of. They should get at least 3 weeks off.