2019 Year In Review

January: The year started with our late-night New Year’s Eve party. Eva’s had a brief violin stint but it was too frustrating for her at her age.

February: After a snow-free Fall and Winter and after the last scheduled snow makeup day, 13 inches of snow began falling causing several days of school closings and, as a result, the school year was extended several days.

March: Gay went away for a spa weekend to Miraval for her 49th birthday and then we celebrated it together.

April: We went to NYC for Spring Break and Mark & Lee + Henry and George visited from London. Havana turned 12 on the final day of the month.

May: Havana had her birthday party. Game of Thrones ended.

June: Hudson graduated from elementary school and then we left for 3 weeks in Italy.

July: We continued our vacation in Italy and days after getting back all the kids went away to camp for a week so Gay and I were child-less for the first time in over 12 years.

August: Eva got her lower braces on. We wanted to have one final trip before the end of summer so we spent 3 days in the San Juan Islands. Hudson turned 11.

September: First day of 6th grade for Hudson and 3rd grade for Eva and first day of 7th grade for Havana. We sold our Jeep Commander that we’d had since 2007 and was the first car Gay and I bought together.

October: My mom had a health scare but has since been fine. Barley turned 6. I got Tonal so I could do weight training to complement the Peloton, on which I did my 1000th ride.

November: I turned 50 and two weeks later Gay and I had a fun trip to New Orleans. We celebrated Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, with the Carders.

December: Eva got her braces off and turned 9. We took a quickly-planned trip trip to Mexico with friends for New Year’s.

I feel like this was one of our most eventful years with more traveling — 5 trips for Gay & I, 4 with the kids — than we’ve done in a long long time, if ever.

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