Beolab 50 speakers

My real 50th birthday present from Gay arrived today. It took 6 weeks from when I ordered them because they are made to order and then shipped from Denmark.

Gay intended for me to get the intriguing Beolab 90 speakers, which were made to commemorate B&O’s 90th year, but I figured that the Beolab 50 speakers are the model to commemorate my 50th year.

Bronze and smoked oak Beolab 50
The tweeter’s acoustic lens rises when they turn on

They have 7 separate amplifiers in each speaker, one for each driver: 3 mid-range drivers, 3 woofers and 1 tweeter. Each amplifier can be controlled independently and the tweeter has an acoustic lens to change the focal point of the sound to the room and listening position. It’s impressive technology that B&O developed first for the Beolab 90s.

I also got the Beosound Core and Beosound Essence tabletop remote.

Because they arrived minutes before our Boxing Day get-together, I couldn’t set them up until Friday. They are very heavy, about 140lbs, so they’re hard to move. I had to use furniture moving pads and slide them to where I wanted them. And it took me several hours to get them and the Beosound Core working after doing the B&O iOS app configuration. It’s a long story but I eventually figured that I could reset them — by holding both buttons (Network and WPL) for 15 seconds or so — and they started working. The default volume is 42, that can’t be a coincidence.

They sound fantastic. I only got an hour or so to listen to them before having to pack for Mexico tomorrow.

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