New Orleans 2019

Gay and I left the kids at home and left for New Orleans this morning. Gay’s friends from college organized the trip and I’m tagging along. Jon & Megan are watching the house and Barley. Hudson is spending the night at Bowie’s for his birthday party, which worked out well, Eva is spending tonight at Fiona’s and Havana is staying home. We’ll see how Jon & Megan handle 4 kids!

I was in New Orleans only once before in 1994 or 1995, can’t remember, on a business trip and really liked the place. But I’m wondering if it surpassed my low expectations or if I really do like it and I’m about to find out.

We landed in New Orleans at 5pm. Nice new airport. Cathy, Deina and Jeff, who I met for the first time, were on our flight and we Uber’d to our Airbnb house in the 7th Ward. Everyone else from New York (Eric & Sandi and Cindy), Jasper from Saratoga, and Matt from Arizona, who I also met for the first time, were already there having snacks and drinks.

Eric, Sandi, Matt, Cindy and I went out looking for groceries, got some jerk chicken from a street vendor, found a market where we ran into everyone from the other house: Jason & Nancy (I haven’t seen them since … 2002?!), Peter and Justin. We took our groceries back to our house.

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