Birthday Cake #50

We woke up at 9:45am — when kids aren’t around and there’s no alarm it’s easy to sleep in. We stopped in North Bend, went into Twede’s Cafe, another Twin Peaks site, and then next door to North Bend Bakery for doughnuts and coffee to-go.

Downtown North Bend. If you look closely you can see 2 paragliders.

We drove straight to Havana’s ultimate frisbee game to pick her up, then to Leona’s to get Eva. Hudson came over from Tobin’s as we got home.

A candle per decade

Eva’s friends Fiona and Cheetah and Hudson’s friend Tobin had Thai for dinner with us and then we had my traditional German Chocolate birthday cake.

Presents from the kids: beer socks from Eva, a Death & Co. cocktail book and a photographic essay book about the history of the Maker’s Mark Distillery from Hudson and a new leak-proof cocktail shaker from Havana. There’s a theme there.

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