Venice to the Amalfi Coast

We had to catch a 10am train to Naples, so here we are waiting for our taxi at the “front door” of our hotel, Palazzo Barbarigo:


On the train to Naples… train travel in Europe is always so comfortable (and the trains are almost always half-full):


Simona, our yacht person and pictured on the left pouring a Sprite, arranged for a car to pick us up at the Naples train station to take us across town and drove us right up on the dock to our boat, a Fairline Squadron 60:


Minutes later, we were leaving Naples and heading across the Bay of Naples.


Mt Vesuvius, the still-active volcano that is best known for erupting and immortalizing Pompeii in 79AD:


A view that became very usual to me over the next 5 days, wakes can be mesmerizing to watch:


We dropped Simona off at a small town next to Sorrento, went past Sorrento and around the tip of the Amalfi Coast and stopped for dinner in Positano:


Aperol Spritzes are a big thing in Italy, which seem like a good idea on a hot day and are pretty, but are usually too bitter for me:


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