Mark & Lee

Mark and Lee flew in from London two days after we left for New York and stayed at our house all week. Eric also flew back from New York on a flight that landed five minutes before ours so he spent the night too. The boys were asleep when we got home last night, Eric and our kids went right to sleep but Gay and I did get to stay up with Mark and Lee and catch up. The last time we saw them was in December 2013, right after we got Barley (Mark helped us name Barley, in fact).

This morning, we finally got to meet their two (twin) boys, George and Henry, who they adopted four years ago, and hear their cute English accents. All the kids got along great and played around the house all day.

Lee made a roast with potatoes and Yorkshire puddings for dinner tonight. Havana’s friend, Hannah, also came over for dinner — 11 people at the table! For a great end to the day, Gay, Eric and I watched the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere — Eric had no choice, we watched it in the theater, which was his bedroom.

Tomorrow they’re all driving up to Vancouver, Canada and dropping Eric off at his parents’ house in Bellingham. Then they’ll all come back for an even bigger dinner on Friday.

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