Last Day in New York

The hottest day of the week! Two days ago we were so cold we spent an hour trying to find a warm coat for Eva and today we’re sweating and wishing we had shorts and sandals. I forgot how drastic the weather changes day to day on the East Coast.

We walked onto the Brooklyn Bridge and back down along Water Street to our hotel for lunch before our flight. Then a 1-hour ride to JFK to fly home.

This was posted from the airplane!

Over Thunder Bay, Canada:

Trip notes:

  1. NYC is very convenient. Having that density of people makes niche things economically viable.
  2. NYC’s weather changes drastically day-to-day. One day we were freezing and had to find warmth in stores. A day later, we were sweating. I love Seattle’s gradual weather changes.
  3. I finally found a bourbon to compete with my favorite Maker’s Mark: Old Forester Signature 100. The bartender at Gramercy Tavern recommended it. Cinnamon!
  4. The subway usually smells bad and is always dirty. London’s Underground is much less disgusting. The subway is also less reliable.
  5. NYC is loud! Trucks, people, construction noise, car horns. Even 25 flights up I was woken up by morning car-honking. Seattle is silent in comparison and a car horn deserves attention.
  6. It takes 30+ minutes to go anywhere, regardless of whether you walk, ride or take the train. It took us almost 3 hours to get to Coney Island, 20 miles away from our apartment. We can drive from Seattle to Portland in that time, 180 miles away!

I’ve been to New York a dozen times or so over the last 30 years. When I was 19/20 I thought it was amazing and even wanted to live there. At 49, it’s the most-visited place for me. It’s a great city and I’m glad the kids got to see it, which they really wanted to, but I don’t need to visit anymore. Instead, I need to continue checking new travel destinations off my list.

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