Day: March 3, 2019

Trekz Aftershokz Air 🎧

I’ve used and ruined several sports headphones over the years because headphones, even ones marketed as sports headphones, can’t resist sweat for very long. These Trekz Aftershokz Air headphones have lasted the longest by far – 18 months so far of at least 5 days a week of use – for me and I like them so much that I just bought (and received today) a second pair as a backup in case I forget to charge them one day or when they eventually do fail since nothing lasts forever. I don’t want to discover that I can’t use them when I need them.

What makes them special is that they are bone conduction headphones – they don’t go in your ears, they go around your ears and transmit sound through your cheek bones to your eardrum. They’re marketed as a more safe pair of headphones because they don’t block your hearing so you can still hear outside sounds when you’re running or biking or brewing beer. But to me, the big benefit is that they don’t get as sweaty as in-ear headphones. They’re also more comfortable to me – I have never liked wearing in-ear headphones for very long and I sometimes forget I’m wearing these and leave the gym with them still on.

It seems like they wouldn’t sound good but they sound every bit as good as a headphone in your ear. The human ear is quite amazing, I guess. They’re not audiophile quality, of course, but they do sound good.

However, the first pair I had did fail after just a couple months. The company suggested that I had plugged them in to charge while they were still wet and caused a short or malfunction. Maybe. They replaced them under warranty and the replacement has been perfect. I now wait for them to dry before charging them and haven’t had a problem since. And now with a second pair I don’t have to worry if I didn’t charge them.