Snowpocalypse 2019

We woke up to 6+ inches of snow, the most snow in Seattle since December 1996 (a few months before I moved here).

Ohana spent the night with us and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Hudson spent the night at Tobin’s last night and we didn’t see him all day while he went sledding, thanks to his new waterproof boots, and having snowball fights. Too much Fortnite too, I assume.

I drove Havana to Hanna’s house in the afternoon and the non-arterial roads were still slippery.

After a bit of discussion with our staff we decided to open the brewery at 4pm. There was a line of people outside before 4 waiting to get some beer! #beerculture

I decided to break out the sous vide machine and make steaks for dinner. The kids weren’t impressed but I thought they were great. I want to do more.

We’re expecting more snow tomorrow and I doubt schools will be open on Monday or Tuesday. Then more snow Thursday/Friday!

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