Christmas 2018

Steve & Renuka hosted Christmas Eve dinner this year. Delicious prime rib, as usual, mashed potatoes, etc. Plus beer, wine and champagne, of course.

The kids politely waited until 7am to wake us up for presents. I got a 3D mouse, an acoustic guitar, cycling clothes. We all got pajamas and Yeti mugs and a Cornilleau ping pong table.

No white Christmas, much to Havana’s dismay – she must remember last year’s snow and assumed it always snowed for Christmas.

We had a rib roast for dinner, still in our pajamas and then watched Christmas Vacation – one of my favorite Christmas movies – before bed.

The next day, the Carders had us over for lefse and drinks – Kristin is Norwegian, like half of me. Eva and Iris made most of the lefse!

Eva spent the night there and Bowie spent the night at our house.

Then Eric & Sandi and Steve & Renuka and kids came over for dinner. Instead of cooking we got Chinese take-out.

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