Day: October 19, 2018

Queen City Grill

Before dinner Gay said she wanted to go to Queen City Grill for a Manhattan. I was shocked. She wanted to go because it recently changed ownership to one of Gay’s local favorite restaurateurs.

Why I was shocked: I took her there on one of our first dates because I liked the history of it. Her mood during dinner made me think it was our last date. I later found out that she was insulted that I took her to such an uncool place. In fact, she has often expressed her disappointment about it ever since. I never understood why she hated it so, the food was fine, the decor was classic and the building is stately. But she was to never let me live it down. Ever since, I felt obligated to point it out when we’d drive by it and jokingly ask if she wanted to go there, which always elicited an exasperated gasp from her. To make the place even more memorable and determined to turn it into a positive, when I proposed to her my plan, if she said yes, was to go there for a celebratory dinner. I did propose, she did say yes, but we went to one of our old favorites Dahlia Lounge instead (and had a disappointing dinner and have never been back).

Gay may have finally come to terms with my infamous Queen City mistake.


European restaurants have long had electronic payments devices right at the table but American restaurants always ask you to hand someone your card while they walk away and do who knows what with it.

Gay and I went to dinner at Heartwood Provisions tonight. At the end we were handed a device we’d never seen before: TableSafe (from a local Seattle company). We paid the bill and swiped our credit card ourselves, got an emailed receipt and no paper to throw away! Are American restaurants stepping into the 21st century?!