iPhone XS Max

I got my iPhone X last November and started Apple’s iPhone Upgrade program. With that program, there’s no reason not to get the latest model because you pay the same per month whether you have the old or the new model. However, I had to wait until I paid my 12th payment to upgrade. I ordered the iPhone XS Max yesterday and today it arrived.

It’s Space Gray and 256GB, same as my X. The transfer from my old one to the new one was as easy as ever. So far, it seems the same as the X, just bigger.

Everyone, including Apple, incorrectly pronounces it ten-ess max but I pronounce it ex-ess max because Unix isn’t uni-ten, Linux isn’t lin-uh-ten, NeXT wasn’t ne-ten-tee and OS X isn’t oh-ess-ten (well, maybe that is but it shouldn’t be). Gotta respect the historical X of Unix.

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