Apple Watch Series 4

My new Apple Watch arrived today!

I’ve had the original Apple Watch since it arrived in May 2015. I liked it but overall I felt that while it was better than a regular watch, it was not as good as it could be. The next 3 models (Series 1, 2 & 3) weren’t that interesting to me either – the hardware was mostly the same and battery life wasn’t any better. And newer versions of watchOS were released and through several updates, it gradually improved. The apps were better, it was a little faster and I appreciated it much more. It was still too slow at times, too small and I wished it was round.

It was very durable, though. It hardly had a scratch until it fell onto concrete last month and the screen cracked. I was more careful with it but the touch screen slowly got more and more unreliable until the display finally gave up last Sunday, just 2 days after ordering its replacement and 5 days before it arrived today.

48-hour update: The battery was at 90% when it arrived and I didn’t need to charge it until 2 days later when it was down to 10%. My last watch lasted 18 hours max so this is a huge improvement!

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