Slayer 2018

I saw Slayer live for the first time in 1986 or 1987 – I can’t remember, if only blogging existed back then! – in Washington DC on the Reign In Blood tour, when I was 17 years old. Tonight, at 48, I saw them for the second time on their final tour. My 17 year-old self would be proud of me.

I like the beer-related tribute to their deceased guitarist and a band founder, Jeff Hanneman, on the finale:

I missed them the last time they came to Seattle so I made sure I’d see them this time. I bought two box seats with VIP parking and then couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I had the box to myself. I wanted to get the “total experience” package that lets you backstage to meet the band 🤩, but it was sold out. 😩

That show when I was a kid is in my top 3 concerts of my life. The energy/excitement was incredible and I’ll never forget it (I hope). Tonight wasn’t the same since I’m old, was in a comfy box seat instead of the crush of the first rows and I don’t know most of their songs. But the stage was a lot more than the smoke and lights of 31 years ago! There were two walls of fire with several flamethrowers behind that alternately drew the Slayer 4-sword pentagram and upside-down crosses in the air and some that shot fireballs into the air.

I’m glad they had a long and successful 35-year career and I’m happy to have seen them on their final tour.

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