Day: August 21, 2018

End of trip

We had breakfast at the hotel, the kids got some new books at Powell’s, we packed up the car and got back to a very smoky Seattle at 3pm.

11 days, 8 cities/towns/hotels/houses, 1,679 miles and 36.7 hours of driving.

It wasn’t much of a relaxing trip. We didn’t get a lot of down time between driving, moving in/out of lodging, getting meals, etc. I got practically zero reading done and spent most of my free time planning the next drive. But we saw a lot and spent the entire time with the kids, which was kinda the point.

The Discovery is a nice comfortable car to drive, the kids barely even complained about the long drives although no one wanted to sit in the 3rd row since the luggage limited their space, the Adaptive Cruise Control is suddenly a must-have feature for me and makes even bumper-to-bumper traffic pleasant, the kids got way too used to having WiFi in the car, the navigation system is the best I’ve used but the InControl entertainment system can be cumbersome at times.

The Discovery is better in almost every way than my previously most-loved car, our 2008 Lexus LS 460. I’m surprised that 10 years later few cars have all the bells and whistles of that Lexus; it was ahead of its time. The Lexus handled curves at high speed better due to its lower center of gravity, but was not good off-road. The Lexus got a bit better gas mileage. The Lexus had soft-close doors, but not massaging seats. The Lexus had stop-and-go traffic assistance, but not Adaptive Cruise Control. And the Lexus cannot carry 7 people (although I bet you could fit 3 people in its trunk!), tow anything or carry a roof rack.

Next, I have to get a brake controller for the car so we can tow our Basecamp! And I have to figure out where to store the Basecamp so the Discovery can go in the garage.