Seattle to LA

After weeks of scouring the country for a Land Rover Discovery with the options and colors we wanted, and running into roadblock after roadblock, I got one in LA yesterday. Instead of shipping it back we decided to drive it back and make a trip out of it. It works out well because we don’t have childcare while Maddie is vacationing with her family in, of all places, Germany; we can’t get much work done while also keeping the kids active.

Our flight to LA was scheduled for 6am so we woke up at 4am, got the already-packed kids up and dressed and were in an Uber by 4:35am and on our way to the airport. Then we got a message from JetBlue that our flight was delayed 2 hours. That extra 2 hours would’ve been appreciated for sleeping!

While waiting at the gate, I was sitting next to a guy who was also flying to LA to pick up a car that he bought.

On board, we had free WiFi and I could watch the second half of the Steelers/Eagles preseason game via DirecTV:

We landed at Long Beach Airport (hot!) and took another Uber to Land Rover Encino. LA traffic is insane. We met our super nice sales guy and 18-year Land Rover sales veteran, Bill, who I had been phoning/emailing/texting with for a couple weeks. He showed us the car, let us drive it and handed me off to the finance guy (Shaquille O’Neal look-a-like) while Gay took the hungry kids to lunch next door, then Bill gave us a tour of the car and helped us get it connected to the iPhone apps and to the internet. Our car is on the internet and even has a phone number.

I didn’t have good experiences with most of the salespeople at Seattle Land Rover dealers but I liked Land Rover Encino (the largest Land Rover dealer in the west?). When we upgrade to the Range Rover I’ll come back here and do this trip again.

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