LA to Pismo Beach

We left the dealer around 3pm and headed north to Pismo Beach. Our route took us through Santa Barbara where our friends Jim and Andrew live. We made a quick stop at their lovely home, chatted while enjoying their amazing view of Leadbetter Beach and the kids ate most of a plate of lemon buttermilk cookies that Jim made and then we were back on our way.

The first drive in the car was fun. It floats down the road, although it’s big it doesn’t feel it, the seats are super comfortable, the stereo sounds great and the kids were comfortable even sitting three-across in the middle row. The Adaptive Cruise Control is like magic. I’m glad I didn’t give up on that option in my search for a car!

We arrived at The Inn at the Pier at 7pm. I don’t know how Gay finds and books great hotels so quickly — I have a great travel agent.

While the kids got situated in their room, Gay and I went down to the bar for a Manhattan:

The kids came downstairs and we went out for dinner at The Board Room.

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