Continued construction

The work we mostly expected to have completed while we were in Germany is still not done. Eva’s bedroom was embiggened at the expense of her closet, some rooms were partially re-painted (one completely unnecessarily!), the back gates have been fixed/improved, a leak under the office windows that caused some stucco to become unattached has been fixed, a smart deadbolt was installed on the mud room door and the new roof is complete as of today. #oldhousesneedlove

So we’ve been living in a loud construction site for 2 weeks since getting home from vacation and Eva hasn’t had use of her bedroom.

More work to be finished: Eva’s closet still needs new flooring, some exterior trim work needs to be installed, some of the stucco needs to be repaired, the backyard pavers need to be sealed, some gutters need repair and some screens need to be rebuilt. Supposedly, there’s just one more week but they said that 2 weeks ago. Plus, they have to come back for another week to paint the room again they shouldn’t have painted in the first place because they made it worse!

We really liked this contractor when they did the renovation but this set of small projects were not managed as well.

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