Ulm to Strasbourg

Our original plan for the trip was to leave Munich and go to Nuremberg. Nuremberg is a natural tourist destination and easy to get to. However, it is also the base for Hitler’s 3rd Reich, of which I am no fan, and I wasn’t interested in visiting sites dedicated to Nazi successes. So we went westward instead on our way to Cologne.

Since this trip is a beer travel vacation, we decided to go to Strasbourg, France, which is just over the German border and is in the only French beer region, the Alsace region, influenced by both Germany and Belgium. Kronenbourg is Strasbourg’s most well-known brewery.

Gay and I haven’t been to France since 2005, shortly after we were married (and before kids). We loved France but never made it to this area.

After dropping the rental car off in central Strasbourg, we walked around in the hot (30°C) sun. We went to Academie de la Biere, a great beer bar, and immediately realized how much more diverse France is than Germany is beer-wise: we could choose from simple lagers to Biere de Gardes to Framboise to Bocks. I respect Germany’s beer culture and history but this is what beer is about!

The England vs Belgium World Cup game came on at 4pm so we walked several blocks to an Irish pub that promised to show the game. We assumed they’d be pro-England but they were decidedly pro-Belgium. Belgium won.

Today is also Bastille Day so we went towards the night’s 10:30pm fireworks display. Everyone in Strasbourg was out having dinner!

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