Klais to Tübingen

I wanted to see some small German towns instead of the large German cities we’d seen. And I wanted to drive a BMW in Bavaria. So we took the train back to Munich, picked up a rental car in Munich and drove to Tübingen.

I wanted a 5-series or the X5 but ended up with a BMW I’ve never seen, a 220 Tourer:

We stopped in Ulm for lunch and found a craft brewery, Barfüber:

The 3-hour drive became 4 hours, plus our stopover in Ulm got us to Tübingen by 6:30pm. Despite what Google says, I think driving in Europe is usually slower – and far more expensive – than taking a train. But I did get to drive a BMW in Germany!

Unfortunately, all we had time for in Tübingen was checking into the hotel, a dinner, a walk and back to the hotel for bed time.

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