Munich = Beer!

A monument to the Reinheitsgebot at Viktualmarkt in Munich, the German law of 1516 that ostensibly improved the quality of beer but was really a political move to kill off competing breweries and enrich the King and ultimately doomed German breweries to centuries of slow (or no) progress.

We went to the Brandhorst Museum and saw bad art by Cy Twombly. Today’s art world needs a higher standard, a lot of graffiti is more interesting and meaningful than this:

Fortunately, I accidentally left my 360° camera at a restaurant in the Schwabing neighborhood yesterday so while Gay and Havana went to another museum, Hudson, Eva and I took a train to go retrieve it.

Our hotel is right next door to the famous Hofbrauhaus where we met for dinner:

A choice of 3 beers, a Helles, a Dunkel and a Weisse, are served by the liter:

The food was also very good:

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