Day: July 7, 2018

English Garden

After the BMW museum we made our way back to Marienplatz over 7 hours via walking, subway and bus.

Watching soccer in Schwabing:

Walking through the English Garden:

And ran into a beer garden at the Chinese Tower:

There’s a kids play area so naturally we stayed and had a beer and pretzels:

It’s like an outdoor version of Optimism — tables upon tables where you go get your beers and can bring your own food and there’s a place for kids to play — except there’s only 2 beers to choose from and it’s much much bigger!

Hudson and I went to dinner by ourselves where we could watch the Russia vs Croatia game while the girls went to a soccer-free restaurant. Hudson almost fell asleep at the restaurant. They’ve been good travelers but I think are getting tired of all the walking.

BMW Museum

We visited the BMW museum today.

BMW Headquarters is a cool building:

Where you pick up your new BMW if you bought one and you’re inclined to visit Germany and pick up your new car (but all I got is a t-shirt):


All the nameplates since the 1970s — amazing how they stick to one design, all they did was change to italics:

1956 507:

The 1955 BMW Isetta is adorable:

The 2002, probably my favorite BMW:

The first M car, the M1:

The Z8 is pretty; reminds me of Speed Racer’s car:

Vision concept car: