Day in Prague

We got up without coffee available so we got out and walked 20 minutes to the closest well-regarded coffee shop: EMA Espresso Bar. We had espresso, the kids had a great blueberry lemonade and pastries. Later I found a Starbucks for good ol’ drip coffee.

We came across Manifesto Market, a block of shipping crates turned into restaurants and arranged like a food court. Interesting concept.

Restaurace Kolonial for lunch where Hudson went for the biggest burger, curiously advertised as 454g which is exactly 1 pound, they saw Americans coming!:

Across the Charles Bridge:

After a rest at the hotel room we went out for dinner. First, we went to the “craft brewery” Pivovarský U Supa, which was not super (nor was the service).

We left for dinner to go to a place in the touristy town center that purports to be the original Pilsner Urquell pub. The food was actually good and Pilsner Urquell was appreciated after the earlier beers.

Another 16,000 steps today. Ouch, my feet are tired. The kids were amazing, it must’ve been 20,000+ steps for them and they didn’t complain at all.

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